Action week: solidarity with the mediterranean insurrection and all the prisoners

A solidarity week is organized after the several anti-terrorist arrests made in Paris. These people have been arrested when showing solidarity to the migrants and with the revolt in the mediterranean sea. This week calls for actions and moments of gathering to make echos to the Arabic insurrections.

Here the programme + and daily refreshed review of the solidarity and direct actions following

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Ivan arrested in Paris

Anti-terrorism Lullaby…

Paris, France – Ivan arrested February 8

Ivan was arrested in Paris (20th) this Tuesday, February 8.
He was checked with three other people in a bar a hundred metres from a store where one of them was accused of stealing forty minutes before. This is the argument that the undercover cops used to control them all. Mere pretext? In any case, Ivan is now imprisoned in Fresnes. Like Bruno there was an arrest warrant for him because he had evaded his supervision order. He was previously arrested in January 2008 on the way to a demonstration outside the detention center in Vincennes, in possession of smoke bombs and bent nails. After four and a half months on remand he was placed under judicial supervision in June 2008. In March 2009, charged with a violation of his supervision order (in this case have been seen in the presence of Frank / Farid), Ivan chose not to turn up when he was called and to cease to respect his judicial controls. Bruno is still incarcerated at Fresnes for the same reasons.


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To reach independant information from the revolts

When the mainstream media focus on the big events, we still have to look for and reach the details of the happening, that’s way we are able to analyse what really happens.

When egyptian streets started to rebel, the TV shows stopped talking about Algeria and Tunisia. “Ben Ali is gone, everything is over!“… No, everything starts now. People still gather and fight against the “stolen revolution”. In Algeria, where demonstrations were forbidden, tens thousands of people gathered today.In Egypt, workers started strikes, and again 600 prisoners escaped from prison.

Here several websites and blogs with independant info

Catalan blog, with many useful links:

Egyptian blog in english:

Egyptian blog in english and arabic:

Arab world, in english:

Egyptian site english and arabic:

Massacres in prisons:

Global info about the arabic world in spanish:

Tunisian independant info site, French:

Daily report in French, many pictures and translation work:

French report for workers strikes in north africa:

Algeria- free rebel radio, with website support and articles in French:

And in English:

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Tunisian-Algeria-Egypt-Yemen-Lebanon BOOM!

Strikes in tunisian schools. Gathering with masks.

Since December, a hot revolt spreads all over north Africa. It reached Egypt, Yemen and Lebanon, passing through Libya, Tunisia and Algeria. Hundreds of people have died- from bullets, fire, tear gaz, or just disappeared. Though thousands of prisoners have been liberated in Tunisia- after hundereds of them revolted and tens of them died- many are still imprisoned and have no contact with the outside.

Torture and pressure is now going on all over North Africa, while civil war is clarified. Barricades are built to separate the neighborhood, to protect them and prevent police from enter. Individuals and associations of people gather to fight every day, even though demonstrations have been forbiden now on. Pupils forget about schools, and street lights are turned off at 6pm. In Tunisia, after the fall of Ben Ali, people continue to fight hard to put down the Government Parti.

It’s not about another “third world catastrophy”, in which “alot of people die like in every dictatorship”. It’s about old and yound people fighting together, creating their future by taking back their present, their lives. 

It’s now more important than ever to support these insurrections: the Western world is still totally involved in these troubles. Selling weapons and ruling economy, when chasing, imprisoning and deportating undocumented people who finally escaped their countries. A world solidarity has been shown when Alexis has been killed in 2008 in Greece- let’s show our concrete and warm support to these courageous people who rise up against their Police, their Government, and the Western World humiliating and dominating them.

It’s up to us to connect both sides of the Mediterranean sea!

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Lyon: a squat has strangely burnt down

In Lyon, on the night of December 19th, a fire destroyed the roof and a part of the ancient squatted factory La Friche.  The fire has been almost stopped when people decided to call the firemen, “in case”. Though firemen and police have quickly arrived, the fire was starting again to spread; the residents and visitors watched the roof burning down, while firemen didn’t seem so determined to put it out. The inhabitants, who found themselves with no home anymore, decided to squat the parking, and organize to open a new place. Later on, other details will clear the whole situation…

07/ 02 THEY HAVE OPENED A NEW CASTEL… come visit it!

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Communique about the arrests

A communique about the arrests in France and the solidarity to the revolt in Maghreb- a definition of Liberty among different revolts.

+ refreshed news from the prisoners and chronology for supporting acts

[Last added January 26th]

Alger, January 22d


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Here a poster about the revolt in maghreb, translated in several languages. You can have the PDF format on this address:

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Graffitis- Three´terrorists´ arrested

Anti-terrorism detention of 3 people for graffitis

On January 12th, three people have been arrested in Belleville, Paris. They are accused of graffities in solidarity for the revolt in Maghreb: “Algérie – Tunisie / Insurrection“, “Vive l’anarchie“.
First under arrest in the local police station, the special anti-terrorist brigade of the well known 36 Quai des Orfevres took the responsability of that case, and has transferred them to their offices. The next Friday, they have been put in prison.

One person has been released on January 19th, whereas the two other still wait for their trial inside. Though, she’s still under judicial control.

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Bruno arrested

On December 20th, Bruno has been arrested in Paris, during a so common identity check in the metro, used to separate those who have papers and the “others”.

He´s under anti-terrorist investigation in the “fumigenes” case (home made torches) since January 2008, and accused of “transportation and detention of explosive or incendiary material” (the torches); torches prepared for a demonstration in front of the Vincennes Detention Center for migrants.

On the begining of 2008, he has been imprisoned during 4 and a half months. On July, he decided to refuse his judicial control, and was on the run since then. Following this decision, he was wanted by police.

Though the investigation was supposed to be closed on January 2011, he´s been caught on December 20th and imprisoned in Fresnes.

! Bruno  went out of prison on February 11th. He’s now under judicial control

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Blockades, occupations of factories, demonstrations, sabotages…

Since the end of September, workers, students, unemployed people and pupils take the streets, with the will to block the economy. After the announcement of another political reform about the pension, the unions called for a struggle. Indeed,  now on, one will have to work until 67 years old.

Meeting together, and making deeper the Crisis. People take action in different ways: but always with the will to disturb and make them lose their money.

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