To reach independant information from the revolts

When the mainstream media focus on the big events, we still have to look for and reach the details of the happening, that’s way we are able to analyse what really happens.

When egyptian streets started to rebel, the TV shows stopped talking about Algeria and Tunisia. “Ben Ali is gone, everything is over!“… No, everything starts now. People still gather and fight against the “stolen revolution”. In Algeria, where demonstrations were forbidden, tens thousands of people gathered today.In Egypt, workers started strikes, and again 600 prisoners escaped from prison.

Here several websites and blogs with independant info

Catalan blog, with many useful links:

Egyptian blog in english:

Egyptian blog in english and arabic:

Arab world, in english:

Egyptian site english and arabic:

Massacres in prisons:

Global info about the arabic world in spanish:

Tunisian independant info site, French:

Daily report in French, many pictures and translation work:

French report for workers strikes in north africa:

Algeria- free rebel radio, with website support and articles in French:

And in English:

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